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The Future Is Nigh! Or At Least Soon…

Greetings Leaguelettes!

It is I, your e’er humble Chairman!

While Captain Pain is busy flushing our hard drives of Inuyasha fanfics– I’ve decided to swoop in and share a little about what you folks can expect from us in the next coming months.

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Headaches, Hassles And Horse shit!

(The life of a first time video game writer!)

*So just a heads up, there may be a lot of drug and alcohol references in this, it is all done in fun, since writing this game, has been a bit stressful, and I’m doing this to blow off some steam. If things like that bother you, please come back next week for my normal post for Grab A Buddy Monday, and Anime Wednesday, or check out what the Chairman has posted. Thanks! *
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And So It Begins!

Good evening Leaguelettes, and Happy Halloween! So I’m sure you’ve noticed by now– we’ve got our YouTube channel up and running. And if you haven’t noticed, then go here now. Go on, shoo!

For now, we feature a horror escapade the likes of which have seldom been seen before. For better or worse…

What comes next for the channel is entirely in YOUR hands however. From the poll placed on our Facebook page to the little message I’ve left you in our 5th episode–  It’s been my mission all along to involve the audience in the process.

In short, we simply love gaming and wish only to entertain. What we play, we do for fun and it could honestly not matter any less what title it may be.


What should we play next? Do you want longer full-length playthroughs of games or would you prefer we feature numerous titles in single episode sprees? Tell us your ideas, or we’re liable to start pumping out whatever the hell suits us best and honestly… That may not be good for anyone. Really, you’re doing yourselves a favor~