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The Final Act!

Good morning Leaguers, Inuyasha fans, anime fans, and of course my loyal Painkillers. Thank you all for coming to close out Inuyasha month. I hope that you all enjoyed this, and hopefully we can do something like this again in the future. Right now, it’s time to take care of business, and close this. Let’s look at Inuyasha The Final Act.
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On The Isle of Gods

Good morning everyone, and welcome the next installment in our journey of Inuyasha. Today we will be talking about the fourth movie. If you haven’t seen the articles on the first three movies, you can go back into the archive and check them out, and let us know what you think. Well then, now with that said, let’s get into the final movie! Here is Inuyasha Movie 4: Fire On The Mystic Island.

The movie opens up on what we later found out is called Horai Island. We see six half demon children, five seem to be dealing with some kind of spell that is on them, and they are telling the other child named Ai, to flee the island. She flees, and starts to be attacked by the Four War Gods. She is saved by Inuyasha and friends. The group is surprised that Ai knows who Inuyasha is.

He explains how he knows Ai, and the legend of Horai Island. Inuyasha is drawn to the island due to the fact that when he and Kikyo visited the island fifty years ago, he was marked by the Four War Gods. In order to break the spell that is on him, and the other children on the island, they must defeat the War Gods. As they set out to Horai Island, we find out that Sesshomaru is also on his way to the island. Sometime around the death of his father, Sesshomaru had a run in with one of the War Gods, and ended up getting marked as well. Will Sesshomaru, Inuyasha, and the others be able to defeat the Four War Gods? Well, find out by watching the movie yourself.

OK, so let me start off by saying, yes, this is my favorite movie of the four. I enjoyed the story, and the action that this movie brings. This one does feel a little different from the other three movies, and the series, but they were able to pull it off, and it works. Maybe this feels different, because this movie takes place after the original series. So for those of you that are watching the series, and plugging in the movies after the espoides I told you they come in between, this movie comes right after the original 167 episode series. Once again, I found this movie on Netflix, so I’m naming them the unofficial sponsor of Inuyasha month, since they are not giving us a dime, even though I have been telling everyone that reads this that they have all four movies, and the the original series are up there. Well by the time I’m writing this anyway.

Thanks everyone for showing up each week and reading my take on all the Inuyasha movies. I hope that you all enjoyed this, and that you liked and shared these articles. Hopefully if this is successful, I can do another month like this, and hopefully things will go smoother than this month. Here, I would close out Inuyasha month, but I have a surprise for you. Come back on Tuesday, July 31st, and see what the surprise is, and to close out Inuyasha month!


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Swords Of The Three Kingdoms

Good morning Leaguers, Painkillers, Inuyasha fans, and just fans of anime in general. Thank you for supporting this, and everything that the HBCL does. So here we are in week three in Inuyasha month, and I hope that everyone has not only been enjoying what we havebeen doing, that you guys have been liking, commenting, and been sharing these articles. Anyways, you guys didn’t come here for all of that, you guys are here for more Inuyasha, since it is his month. So, let’s get into it, here Inuyasha movie 3: Swords Of An Honorable Ruler.

The movie opens up 200 years ago with Sesshomaru, and his father, The Great Dog Demon, who is badly wounded from a recent battle. They have a quick conversation before his father leaves to protect Izayoi, Inuyasha’s mother. Izayoi is about to give birth to Inuyasha, when Takemaru, a former suitor Izayoi, until he finds out that she was impregnated by a demon, kills her. Inuyasha’s father battles his way inside of the home, as Takemaru orders his men to set the palace on fire. The Dog Demon used Tenseiga to resurrect Izayoi. Takemaru enters to kill the Dog Demon, Izayoi, and their new born half demon baby, Inuyasha. The Dog Demon, took on Takemaru, which allow Izayoi to escape with Inuyasha. Unfortunately, the Dog Demon along with Takemaru die in the fire.

Back in Kagome’s time, while Inuyasha is saving her from a “wicked” volleyball, her family is in a storage room examining an old sword. It turns out to be an evil sword named So’unga, once was one of the three swords once owned by the Great Dog Demon. So’unga breaks a spell that was placed on it by the spirit of it’s own sheath, Saya, and So’unga frees himself and finds the strongest demon he can find to attach himself to, which happens to be Inuyasha. Once attached, he drags Inuyasha back to the feudal time, where they encounter Sesshomaru. During the fight, So’unga finds out about Sesshomaru’s cut off arm, and thanks to Sesshomaru and Kagome, So’unga detaches himself. He goes off and finds Sesshomaru’s arm, and awakens Takemaru, so together, Takemaru could take out the sons of the Dog Demon for revenge.

Meanwhile, Sesshomaru sets off to hunt down So’unga, to stop him, leaving Rin and Jaken behind. Inuyasha also goes off on his own, to do the same as Sesshomaru.Myogo tells everyone the story behind the three swords of the Great Dog Demon, and how Myogo and Totosai where told to give the Tenseiga to Sesshomaru, and the Tessaiga to Inuyasha. They also learned that the only way to stop So’unga, is for Inuyasha and Sesshomaru to work together, and use the combined powers of the Tessaiga, and Tenseiga. Well, fans of the show know by reading that last sentence, they already know that the world is screwed.

This movie was great, and if you guys read the articles on the first two movies I’m not going to say that line, but you already know. Sesshomaru is my favorite character from the show, and I was glad to see him in one of these movies. Now here is the question that I’m sure you are all wondering. Did I like this movie, more than the second one? Of course I did! Sesshomaru was in it! Need I say more. Once again this movie can be found on Netflix, and those following along with the series, this movie falls in between espoides 136 and 137. Make sure that you guys come back next week, and we will dive into the final movie. Until next time!


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Not The Mirror On The Wall!

Good morning new and old Painkillers, and welcome to the next chapter in Inuyasha month. I hoped that everyone enjoyed my review of the first movie, and actually went out and checked it out for themselves. Now it’s time to go further down the rabbit hole, and let’s talk about the second movie, The Castle Beyond The Looking Glass.

The movie opens up with the gang in the middle of the battle with their sworn enemy, Naraku. Unfortunately, Inuyasha has to sit out this fight, due to it being the night of the new moon, and him turning human during this time. Luckily, the sun rises, and Inuyasha is back to being a half demon. With his help, they kill Naraku. After the battle, Miroku realises that the curse that was set apond his family is finally broken, as his wind tunnel is gone. With the death of Naraku, Miroku and Sango separate from Inuyasha, Shippo and Kagome, as they take time for themselves, and to figure out what to do next.

Not feeling fully free from the grip of Naraku, Kagura and Kanna, incounters The Princess of the Heavens, Kaguya. She is currently trapped inside of a mirror. In return for freeing her from the mirror, Kaguya offers Kagura and Kenna true freedom from Naraku. They go off to collect five items, and putting them in certain locations to break the seal, freeing Kaguya from the mirror. Once free, she incounters Inuyasha and Kagome, and this is where I tell you if you want to find out what happens next, that you go watch the damn movie for yourself.

Once again, this movie is really good, and again feels like it is just an extended espisode. Speaking of espisodes, this movie supposedly takes place between episodes 95 and 96. If you are a hardcore fan, and plan on watching the entire series again, now you know when to watch this movie. Just like the first movie, I was able to find this on Netflix, so that makes it easier for everyone to watch. I really did enjoy watching this movie again, and I damn near forgot about the twist near the end. This is only the second movie, and I do like this one better than the first movie. I wonder going into the third movie, will I like that one better than this one? Well, there is only one way to find out. Come back next week, as we dive into the next movie. Until next time.


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Down The Rabbit Hole We Go!

Happy Independence Day for my Painkillers in the United States, and welcome all Painkillers from around the world. Thank you all for coming to check out the first article in Inuyasha month. Hopefully this all goes well, and I could do something like this again down the line. Well, let’s not waste any more time, and get right into it. So, here it is, Inuyasha movie one, Affections Touching Across Time.
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Hail To The Dhampir!

Good morning fellow Painkillers, and welcome to another addition of Saturday Morning Cinema. Today I’m going to give you a classic movie from 1985. It’s about vampires, and not the bullshit vampires that we have today. These guys don’t sparkle in the sunlight, and humans are actually scared of them, and don’t find them sexy, and are not trying to fuck them. So without further delay let’s get into Vampire Hunter D.

So for those of you that have never heard of this before, I’m going to give you a brief summary of the franchise. The series is set in a far off future that has dealt with nuclear war in its past. It has elements of many genres such as fantasy, si-fi, western, and horror. The main character known as D. He is a dhampir, the son of a full blooded vampire father, and a full blooded human mother. Because of this, he doesn’t suffer from the normal weaknesses that hurt vampires, but he does suffer from sun sickness that hits him once every few years. D is also the host of a symbiote that goes by Left hand, since he resides in D’s left hand. He plays the wise cracking sidekick role, but Left Hand has some very useful powers that helps out D, even though Driving is very powerful himself. The two of them go around and hunt down vampires and other dark beings that threaten the human world. Now on with the movie.

Count Magnus Lee, a 10,000 year old, long lost Noble vampire is in search of a a bride. His choice, Doris Lang, the daughter of a well known deceased werewolf hunter. He attacks her, but she gets away, and happens to runs into D. After explaining what is going on, Doris hires D to protect her from Magnus. A little while later, they come across Doris’s younger brother Dan, and a man named Greco Roman. He is the mayor’s son. He knows what has happened to Doris, and offers to help to protect her as well. In exchange, he wants Doris for himself. Wow! OK, either Doris is rich, the hottest girl in the land, or they are in a small town, and she is the only girl that is single and of age. Anyway, does Doris accept Greco’s offer? Can D and Left Hand protect Doris from Magnus? Does Doris become Magnus’s bride? To get these answers and more, you have to see the movie for yourself, cause I’m not going to give you those answers.

Even though this is an older series, this movie is pretty good. The animation style fits it’s time period, so it doesn’t stand out in that way, it stands out due to its story. I personally saw this movie without ever knowing anything about the Vampire Hunter D series, and not only did I understand it, I definitely wanted more. Luckily there is another movie, but that’s one for another time. If you haven’t seen this, or it has been a while since you seen it last, go find it, or dust off that DVD you have and check it out. Until next time Painkillers.


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WTFriday Movies!

No matter if it’s a children’s animated movie, or a buddy cop movie all movies tend to have and follow certain tropes that worked in previous movies to lead to success. Horror movies tend to do the same thing, and one big thing with those type of movies is, that the monster or killer tends to have to be scary. Weather its the old Dracula, or Frankenstein’s monster, to Freddy or Jason, to even someone like Jigsaw, they are all scary in their own unique way or forum. Unfortunately, there are two franchises that completely drop the ball with their monster/killer, those are Chucky from the Child’s Play series, and Leprechaun, from the Leprechaun series.

Let’s start with the Child’s Play series first. The story is a serial killer is gunned down by police in a toy store, right before he dies, he uses black magic to transfers his soul into a doll. Now inside the doll, he spends the rest of the first movie killing people, and trying to transfer his soul out of the doll, into a young boy. The next few movies follow almost the same story, then the next few movies take an odd turn. My thing is not to poke holes in the movies, I want to focus on Chucky.

To me, horror, monster, slasher films whatever they are labeled, the killer has to have something about them, that makes others fear them. It could be something simple as the way the killer looks, their size, their strength, not feeling pain, just something that makes people go, I need to run away, and not try to fight the killer. Even if the killer is just a human, the way the killer blends into society, and no one every suspects them of being the killer, until it’s too late, makes them feared. The damn doll is not scary at all.

The serial killer that you only see for a few minutes, is scary. You know off the bat, that he has killed a bunch of people, and due to the transfer, you know that he knows black magic. Unfortunately, once the killer is now in a two foot kids toy, he is no longer scary. Maybe if this movie was for kids, it might work better because those My Buddy and Kid Sister dolls did look pretty damn creepy back in the day, but it’s R rated, so I doubt many adults found him scary. He looks too cute to be scary, and I still wonder how the hell this doll overpowered anyone? The doll weights less than 5 pounds, it’s not like the doll got the killer’s height, weight, or strength, and if he did get some strength, it still wouldn’t work out like it di in the movies, since again, the damn doll is only two feet tall, and barely five pounds.

Leprechaun suffers from this issue as well. Now before I begin, yes I know that the Leprechaun movies are horror/comedy movies, but that doesn’t mean that he couldn’t be scary and funny. I wanted to give you a little info about the series, but these movies are all over the place I don’t know where to. In one movie, he is trying to retrieve his stolen gold, in another he is trying to marry a woman that is a descendant of someone that got over on him 1,000 years ago, another movie he is in space, there are two movies where he is in the hood smoking weed, and they just go on and on.

The leprechaun character himself, I don’t find scary at all. Again, maybe if this was a kids movie, it might work better, but since it’s not, it doesn’t work. To me, he looks more like a well dressed little person, than a killer set on revenge. Also, there is way too much dumb shit that is associated with him. There is one part in the first movie, where people are trying to get to their car, so they can get out of the area, and as they try to make it to the car, the Leprechaun is right behind them, and how do they get away from him? They throw a box of shoes at him, because the Leprechaun has to stop to shine the shoes. What the ever loving fuck!? They try to have him come off as funny, but instead he comes off as silly, dumb and annoying, like a tea cup dog barking at you, and trying to nip at your ankles.

If I have to pick which one of these franchises I like better, I would have to go with Child’s Play, since the movies look and feel more horror like, than the Leprechaun movies. Also, it helps that the Child’s Play movies actually made money at the box office. In the end, I’m really hoping that the Death Battle guys put these two in a battle to the death really soon.


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