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Launch White Base!

Good morning my little Painkillers, and welcome to the first Anime Wednesday! Are you guys excited? I know that I am, and I’m going to kick things off right. For those that were here for my birthday, I mentioned that I wanted to do this anime first, but I made an exception, since that one was my favorite. So I figured what better time to do this anime then now. Now, without any further delay, it’s time to strap in, and time to launch Guncannon, Guntank, and of course Gundam. Here is the show that started it all, Mobile Suit Gundam.

The year is Universal Century 0079, the Principality of Zeon has declared their independence from the Earth Federation, and also declared war against them. The war has directly affected every one that lives on Earth and in Space, nearly whipping out almost half of humanity in the process. The show opens up on Side 7, where the Earth Federation newest warship know as White Base, is headed to a secret research base to retrieve their latest weapon. Unfortunately, White Base was followed by a Zeon recon team, and I’m sure that you can guess what happened next.

This show is truly amazing. It shows what happens when civilians are forced into military life, in order to survive. The clashes with the military personnel and the non military personnel, seem very realistic. The best thing about this show, especially if you are a Gundam fan, this is the start of the rivalry between Amuro Ray and Char Aznable.

Quick facts about this show, it was originally supposed to run for 52 episodes. Due to poor ratings, that sponsors wanted it cut down to 39, thankfully the producers were able to get it back to up to 43. It wasn’t until the show went into reruns, that it gained popularity, that the series was able to get spin off shows, theatrical releases, and help it become the franchise that it is. So, if you have watched the show before, or never seen it before, go find it, and check it out.

“Hail Zeon! ”


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The Merc Of The Sands

Evening Painkillers. Welcome to another Anime Wednesday. I don’t know how it is over where you guys are at, but as I’m writing this, it is freezing over here in the Northeast. I’ve been trying to use one of those techniques where you think of someplace warm, and you will be warm. So for about an hour or so, I have been trying to picture myself sitting on a beach near the water, sipping on a drink that was poured into a coconut. Well, all I got was me standing in the middle of a desert, and I’m still cold as hell. Oh well, guess this is a good time to tell you about Desert Punk.
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Vespa Scooter And Electric Guitar, Oh My

Good morning my little Painkillers, and welcome to another Anime Wednesday. For those of you that are new to this, first off, welcome, glad that you found your way here. Second, here is where I tell you about a short anime series that you may or may not be familiar with, in hopes that you go and experience it for the first time, or again. Today post is going to be really short, since this anime is only six episodes long. Time to sit back, strap in, and enjoy the ride of FLCL!

This show revolves around a 12 year old boy name Naota Nandaba. His life will never be the same, after Haruko Haruhara literally ran over Naota, and cracks him in the head with her guitar. Now poor Naota has to not only dead with Haruko, he also has to deal with giant robots, the police, and just life in general.

The best way to describe this show is crawling inside the head of Keith Richards head, after he did a bunch of drugs. The show is all over the place, but not only does it make sense, it is really well done overall. This show was shown on Cartoon Network in 2003, and is currently on Hulu. Hopefully you will enjoy these episodes, because season 2 and season 3 are expected to drop in 2018!

“Look at this. It’s empty, there’s no brain. Did you loose it somewhere?”


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Cute but Deadly

There are many things that Captain Pain enjoys in life. Two of them are weapons and women. For this Anime Wednesday, there are plenty of weapons in this series, but the girls are way, way, way too young for the Captain… Anyway, let’s explore the two seasons (yes two seasons, the first season only has 12 episodes and season 2 has 15, so it’s still a short series despite having multiple seasons) of Gunslinger Girl.
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