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This Girl Has Fire… Literally

Good morning new and old Painkillers, and welcome to another addition of Anime Wednesday. With this one, we are going back to a much shorter series than last time. This 26 espoide series had a short run on Cartoon Network, and came out to a lot of positive reviews. So without further delay let’s get into Witch Hunter Robin.

In this series witchcraft is a major issue around the world. Witchcraft is a genetic trait that tends to lay dormant in humans. It can be awakened at any time and gives that person some craft powers, so if you are a Marvel comics fan, think X Men. Unfortunately, some of these powers are too strong for these people, and they become full witches, mostly destroying everything in their path. To counteract this issue, a secret government organization called SOLOMON is formed. They set up branches all around the world. They also created a massive database that they use to hunt down witches.

The main focus of the series is on the main character Robin Sena. She is a 15 year old that was born in Japan, but was raised by the Roman Catholic Church in Italy. She is has the craft ability to use fire. Now back on Japan, she joins the SOLOMON branch out there and learn how to hunt down witches.

She joins a team with her partner Amon. He is 25 years old non craft hunter. He is not a witch, but he does carry the gene. There is 18 year old Haruto Sakaki. He was the newest member before Robin showed up, and he is now concerned about losing his job. Their technical support member Michael Lee. He was caught hacking into SOLOMON computer system, so he was giving a choice. Either he could work for them, or be killed. He now works for them, and is not allowed to ever leave the building. 19 year old Miho Karasuma is a witch with the craft power of psychometry. She acts like a mentor to Robin, giving her advice on how to improve her control over her powers. Finally there is Yurika Dojima. She comes off as lazy and immature, but she is on an undercover operation.

This show is really good, and it sucks that it was only on Cartoon Network for a short period of time. Even with all of the positive reviews, there were some that stated that they felt more on the side of the witches that were being hunted down, and not the hunters themselves. I have seen this show on different anime streams and networks, but if you guys know of a good place to watch, please tell us in the comments below. Until next time Painkillers.


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No Master Needed!!!

Good morning to all my Painkillers, and welcome to another addition of Anime Wednesday. Today’s addition is a good one. Many of us have grew up on one or maybe even all of the different Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Whether it was the original series from the 80’s, or even the latest series that aired on Nickelodeon, we all sat down and enjoy the show. The same can be said for Power Rangers. The franchise has been around for 25 years, and still going strong with different themes almost every season. So what does this tell us? That we like shows that the heroes are martial artists that wear different color outfits, for quickly telling the heroes apart, that take on and defeat evil within 30 minutes. So you may be asking yourself, what does all of this has to do with the today’s anime series? Well this show follows the same outline like the TMNT and the Rangers, but many of you might have easily looked pasted this show growing up. Well then, let’s get into it, it’s time to talk about Ronin Warriors.

This 39 episode show debuted in Japan in 1988, but didn’t land on Cartoon Network in the US until 1999 on their Toonami lineup. Trying to explain the plot of the show can be a bit umm, windbagish, so I’m going to try my best to give you the cliff notes. A demon named Talpa ruled the human world, until a warrior mage and his loyal white tiger defeated him. The mage knew that Talpa was too powerful to be truly defeated, and might return, so his splits Talpa’s armor into nine different armors, and gave them to nine different families to protect. He was right, cause about 600 years later Talpa returned. He found found four of them, and turned those weak hearted men to his army. The remaining five families the men dawn the armor and come together to take down Talpa.

Our five heroes are Ryo Sanada, Sage Date, Cye Mouri, Kento Rei Fang, and Rowen Hashiba. Ryo Sanada is the leader of the group. He fights along side a large white tiger named White Blaze. Sage is a master swordsman and is the noblest of all the Ronin. Cye is a quiet warrior, and the calmest. Kento is the strongest of the warriors. He also tends to be hotheaded and rushes into battle. (Damn, that sounds familiar!) Finally there is Rowen, and he is the smartest of the Ronin. (That also sounds familiar)

Normally this would be the part, where I tell you how good the show is, where you can find it, and how you should see it as soon as possible. OK, so yeah this is a damn good show, that’s why I’m writing about it. Yes you should go find the show, and experience it for yourself. Unfortunately, I can’t give you a site or an app to see this show. I searched and searched the apps that I use, and the sites that I hit up, but the apps didn’t have it, and the sites didn’t have all of the episodes. The best that I can tell you, is to watch it on YouTube. Someone did put the whole series up, but it’s a crappy quality, guess to avoid copyright infringement. If you guys know where we could find a better copy of the show, please share with us in the comments below. Let’s see how many people comment a link to an online shop to buy the DVD /Blu-ray set. Lol. Until next time Painkillers.


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‘BMF’ From The Black And White Era

Good evening Leaguers and Painkillers, and welcome to another addition of Anime Wednesday. There has been a lot of talk about mecha and giant robots here on Anime Wednesday, and today we will be doing the same. This time we are taken back to the age of black and white, and odd angles. Let’s jump into Gigantor!

Now before I even start, there is a rumor about this show that I don’t know if it’s true or not, but I rather just clear the air about it, since some readers may know about it. The rumor is that Gigantor was created as an anti American cartoon, and had to be seriously edited before it hit the States and the rest of the world. Now this may be true, since this was created right after World War II, and all of Japan was probably still pissed about America dropping two nukes on them, and losing the war. It also makes sense that it says that Gigantor was created to be a weapon, but was reprogrammed to now be a guardian of peace. Again I have no idea if this is true or not, but it does seem like a very interesting discussion to have. If you know any info about if this is true or not, or just want to share your thoughts, leave a comment down below.

The show is set in the year 2000, and follows a 12 year old boy name Jimmy Sparks. His father is the creator of Gigantor. Jimmy is the one that actually controllers Gigantor with a special remote control. That can be a bad thing, since whoever has the remote, controls Gigantor. Together, Jimmy and Gigantor travel around the world fighting crime, and other forces of evil.

This show may seem a bit odd for someone that has grew up on more mondern cartoons and animes, but trust me it’s a odd show no matter what. You can clearly see how far drawing styles have come from the 50s-60s up to now. I still don’t get some of the crazy camera angles, it’s like the animation team was drunk while drawing some of shows. I don’t want to even get into the the voice acting. If you saw any of the old Godzilla or martial arts movies from the 80s you already know how it is. Overall this is a good show, and I definitely recommend everyone should try to watch this. It’s currently only Hulu now.


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