Breaking News!

A… Toast… to new beginnings!

Hey everyone, Captain Pain here!

So I was going to sit on this, but things were moving really fast, so I just said screw it! So we just set up an Instagram account!

So of you are on there, you can follow us here!

The reason for the new account is that we plan on showing off some artwork that we are doing for the game. More importantly, The HBCL has a new artist in our midst, and we’d like to shamelessly plug her work.

She goes by Furlong, her logo is above, and you can follow her on Twitter @paige_furlong.

I apologize in advance if the Instagram page doesn’t have many pics up yet, and if Furlong didn’t put up many tweets yet. As I stated things have moved faster than expected, so things are still being worked on as we spread the news.

Thanks everyone!

Captain Pain approves this raising of the alarm!!!!!!!!!

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