Setting Up For The Big Game

Oh, well hello there, it’s me Major Savings.

Right now we are in the middle of the NFL Playoffs. Soon the Big Game will be here, and yes I said Big Game, I’m not trying to get sued. Anyway, let’s see if i can give you some ideas to help get you readt for your Big Game party.

First thing, let’s tackle drinks. Most parties drink of choice is beer. The issue with that is at the end of the night, the host has of bunch of empty cans and bottles laying all over place. The solution is to get something like this.

Keg Cooler!

This baby comes with everything you will need, except an actual keg of beer, and those red Solo cups. Not only will this be helpful during the game, but it can be something that you can use all year long.

Now then, you might be looking around your living room, or whatever room in your house that you might be using to host your party in, and you see that little 32 inch TV there, just looking at you. I’m sure by now that you are looking at that, and are saying to yourself, “Now how in the hell are my spouse, myself, and eight other people going to watch the game on that tiny thing?” Looks like its time for an upgrade, and why not get something like this.

God yes…

This bad boy will change your big game experience, with its great picture and sound quality. Once again, this is something that you can use all year round.


Finally, you might be thinking that you want to cook a few things for your party. But let’s face it, your cookwear and bakeware is old, beat up, and took a pounding with all the stuff you made for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and almost everyday use. It just might be time to get yourself some new stuff. Maybe you will be interested in this.

So pretty…

This will be perfect for all of your cooking and baking needs. Now you will be able to make all of your signature dishes, without them burning, or sticking to the pan.

I hope that these items will help you have one heck of a Big Game party, and that you good use out of them down the line. I’m Major Savings, signing off.


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