Four-Legged Friends

Better than family… Maggot!

The following is brought to you by Major Savings–

Oh, why hello there, Major Saving here! With only a few days left before Christmas, I know that many of you are giving into your little ones request to add another member of the family. No, I don’t mean a new brother or sister! That’s just silly! You would of have to been knocking boots back in March or April to have that new kid here in time for Christmas. I meant a puppy or kitten. Yes a four legged baby! Just like your two legged babies, they would want something for Christmas as well. So here are a few items for your new or old four legged member of the family.

First let’s start with a cat/kitten. You probably have some good furniture in your house. The last thing that you want is your new member to scratch your stuff all up. So why not get your new friend this

Handy-Dandy Cat Condo~

that way you can avoid your furniture getting ruined, and hopefully they will get some exercise in as well.


Next just like any other kid, your new kitten will need toys to play with. So how about getting this for your new one.

24-pack Cat Toys!

Now they will have all the toys they need. Well for now…


Finally if you have other pets, or if you plan on taken you new one out for a walk, you need to protect them from fleas and ticks. Therefore you should get your hands on this.

Protect that fur-baby!


And now for those that have or getting a new dog/puppy. Weather is a new puppy, or an old dog that now has bladder issues, one thing is for certain, accidents will happen. You maybe able to stop some of them with these

I hear the Chairman uses these too~


Just like cats, dogs like to destroy things. They don’t scratch up things, they chew everything up. So instead of having them chew up your new Jordan’s, have them chew on these instead

Also Chairman approved…

Trust me, it will be worth it..


Since your puppy will be going outside, interacting with other dogs and wilderness, it is very important to protect your four legged friend. So why not get this for them?

As above– so below


Speaking of protection, I know its Christmas time. The wine and nog has been flowing. Your girl looks glowing, and is making that ugly Christmas sweater that she has been wearing look good. You have been watching your man put together all the kids toys, ans seeing him work like that has turned you on. So before you go off and make another member of the family that will arive in August or September, maybe get some of these:

Always wear your rain coat…

those should last you for a while, and are much cheaper than having a kid.

Well thats all for now, hope that you get something off this list, and that you enjoy the holiday. See you in the new year, this is Major Savings Signing off!



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