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Putting the CO in … Cost? Whatever…

Well hello there! Welcome everyone, My name is Major Savings! I am here on behalf of Captain Pain and Amazon to feature some items that you may or may not know you can get on Amazon. So then, let me show you what I have. Shall we proceed?

Wonderful, now that the holidays are fast approaching you may have already picked out the perfect gift for that special guy in your life. How about a gag gift for him as well? Weather if its for your husband, boyfriend, father, or your annoying brother, if they have a sense of humor, they would get a kick out of one of these two gifts I’m going to show you.

Ladies, and even some gentlemen, have you ever been about to go down on your man, and the smell of sour dick, or sweaty balls hit you, killing the mood? Well, maybe your man needs this, The Original Weener Kleener Soap. That’s right all he needs to do is to stick his member in the hole, and give it a good cleaning. Also, if he is taking a bit longer in the shower after getting this, then yes, he is playing with himself.

Now on to the second gift. Winter is almost here, some of you have already experienced some snow already. It might get colder in some parts of the world than others. If you life in one of those parts, maybe the guy in your life needs something to keep the cock and balls warm. If thats the case, he may need this, The Willy Warmer. That’s right, keep the most important part of your man’s body warm and secure. I already know that some of you have alread said “That is too big/small for my guy!”

Well that is it for now, I’ll be back soon with more great stuff that you can get off of Amazon.

This is Major Savings signing off.


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