Let’s Get MediEvil

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MediEvil was one of my favorite games when I was a kid and one of the first 3D games I had the terror pleasure of playing.

At this point in time I was old enough to be afraid of the boogey-man, but not yet to the point in my life where I saw part of Nightmare on Elm Street and was immediately scarred for life.

screenshot from Castle of the Winds, a video game from 1993
(Contributed to mobygames.com by moditorsen on Mar 02, 2017)

My favorite and most-played game at the time was Castle of the Winds, so you can imagine my surprise at the colorfulstunning, and realistic graphics of MediEvil.

I remember the gravestones and the atmosphere giving me goosebumps; the zombies and runes chilling me to the bone. I remember wondering how anyone was supposed to get past the second stage because it was just so difficult.

Replaying it a bit recently it took a little under a half and hour to get through five regular stages and a boss stage. The colors are bright and whimsically nostalgic, and the characters are undetailed and cartoony.

Looking back, it’s almost funny how scared I was of these bleating frog-people that were supposed to pass for zombies. And it’s also no wonder I thought it was so hard; I’m terrible at it and the controls are clunky.

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